Voting Eligibility

 To qualify as a voter, one must be a citizen of the United States, 18 years of age and a bona fide resident of New Canaan.  Persons are allowed to pre-register when they turn 17 but they are not eligible to vote until their 18th birthday.

How to Register

 Eligible voters, prepared with proof that they meet the required qualifications, may apply in person to the Town Clerk or Registrars of Voters during regular office hours, 9am to 4:30 pm, at Town Hall or to the Registrars  at any enrollment session in New Canaan. 

 Registrar enrollment sessions are held on specified days before a primary or an election as announced in the Advertiser.  The 14th day before election is the final registration day.  Mandatory sessions are:

The 14th day before a primary

The 3rd Saturday before an election: 9 am to 3 pm

The Tuesday,  14th day before an election: 9 am to 8 pm

Mail-in Registration - Forms are available by calling the Registrar’s office, any Town Clerk’s office and most local libraries.  They can be downloaded from the Secretary of the State’s website which is located at Special Registration – If you are permanently physically disabled, you may arrange to have an election official visit you and take your application to register.  Call the Registrars for further details.  Special enrollment sessions can be obtained by groups of 25 or more persons at the same place of employment, hospital, or convalescent home who believe themselves qualified to become electors in any Connecticut town if they sign and submit a request for the Town Clerk or Registrar to go to them to register them.  Arrangements should be made well in advance of the registration cut-off date 14 days before the election.

Exceptions to the cut-off date – Persons who have attained 18 years or U.S. citizenship, or have moved into New Canaan after the 14 days before an election may register with the Town Clerk or Registrars any weekday up until the day preceding the election  A member of the armed forces or former member, discharged within the calendar year, may apply in person or by mail to the Town Clerk or Registrars for admission as a registered voter on any weekday up to 4:30 pm on the day before election.


Where, How, and When to Vote

Voting Polls – Elections for local, state and federal offices take place on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  For all local, State and National elections and primaries, polls are located in the gymnasiums of the New Canaan High School and Saxe Middle School according to the district in which you reside.  Districts 1 and 2 vote at the High School; District 3 votes at Saxe. (See voting district map …… )  Polls are open from 6 am to 8 pm.  Registered voters sign in according to their street address and last name, then proceed to voting booths.  Proof of identity is required at the polls.  Casting your vote is by machine.  The Party Lever is no longer in use.  A demonstration table and voting aids are on hand to explain voting booth procedures.

Absentee Ballot – may be obtained for a registered voter who is unable to go to the polls because: He or she is ill or physically disabled; the tenets of his/her religion forbid secular activity on election day; he or she is on active service or away from town during all the hours the polls are open.  Absentee voting is allowed in all elections including primaries and referenda questions.

 To obtain an absentee ballot the voter must apply in person or by mail to the Town Clerk on a form furnished by the Clerk beginning 19 days before a primary or 30 days before a regular election.  The ballot may be completed and returned to the Clerk at the same time, or returned by mail, in time to reach the Town Clerk before the close of regular office hours, 4:30 pm, on the day of the election.

The parents of students may return ballots for them to the Town Clerk in person or by mail.  No absentee ballots can be presented in person at the polls.

 Overseas Ballots – Those former Connecticut residents now living out of the country may vote absentee in any elections that include federal offices.  Application must be made to the Town Clerk in the town of last Connecticut residence in time so that the completed ballot will be in the office of the Town Clerk by the close of the office election day.