We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

Dear League Members,

Membership in the LWV of New Canaan begins June 30th each year. Please fill out your renewal form by May 30, 2011 and send the form with your check(s) to:

LWVNC c/o Membership P.O. Box 383 New Canaan, CT 06840.

Any member who joined the LWVNC since February need NOT renew this year. Your membership is important to us and to the League’s efforts in New Canaan. Come Join the Fun!!


Joanne Windas and Sara Hunt, Membership Co-Chairs

Membership Form 2011- 12




Fax_____________________ E-Mail________________________

2010 — 2011 Dues (local, state and national membership):

Distribution of dues is as follows:

$30.00 to LWVUS; $16.50 to LWVCT; LWVNC keeps $13.50

Regular $60.00 ______

Supporting $75.00 ______

Contribution to LWV of New Canaan Other: $________

Payable to” LWV of New Canaan” TOTAL $_______

(contributions to the local league for operating expenses are not tax-deductible to donor).


Contributions to support the League’s Voter Education Program are tax-deductible. Your contribution is rebated

to the local league from an education fund for each league which is maintained by the LWVUS national office.

To ensure the tax deductibility of your contribution, you must prepare a separate check:

Payable to “LWV Education Fund”

TOTAL  $______________________